License Consulting Services

If you’re looking to optimise your licensing and gain the ‘Best in Class’ commercial and contractual terms, then this service is for your organisation.

At a very high level, the service is made up of two key phases typically delivered over a 3 to 12 month period depending on the complexity or scale of the engagement.

Phase 1: Initially starts by understanding the value of your existing assets ‘post contract’ and dependencies that those assets/licenses may have under the vendor’s maintenance programs. Thereafter we spend a significant amount of time understanding what your organisation’s future demand looks like.

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We bridge the technology requirement gap between what you have now and what your future demand will be for the next 3-5 years.

This is achieved by engaging with the key IT stakeholders to help them articulate the overall requirement and harmonise it across all their affiliates or groups to achieve an optimised (BoM) Bill of Materials and build the Optimal License Solution.

Phase 1 components include:

  • Server & Desktop Optimisation
  • Technical Workshops
  • Future Demand and Technology Gap
  • Optimised Bill of Materials

Phase 2: This phase is about creating and executing a Strategic Procurement & Negotiation Plan aimed at delivering best in class Commercial and Contractual Terms.

Cloud Optics support alongside or on behalf of our clients during negotiations with the vendor.

Phase 2 components include:

  • Global Pricing Review
  • Commercial and Contractual Benchmarking
  • Billing and Taxation Solutions
  • Procurement Strategy & Negotiation Support

Our experienced consultants have negotiated some of best software contracts globally for mid-sized and large enterprise organisations across a wide range of industry verticals.
Customer References available upon request.

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