Our Cloud Cost Optimisation services help organisations improve the cost-effectiveness of their Cloud portfolio. Cloud Optics aligns your cloud application and user needs to the optimal cloud profile.

SaaS – Office 365, Salesforce

When consuming Office 365 the licensing journey does not end when signing a new contract or committing to purchase. This is the beginning of a new set of opportunities to become more efficient and consume the right features.

Based upon the licensing packages available most consumers simplify the management of Office 365 using 2-3 standard builds. This approach is generally accepted but managing and monitoring use can be a little more difficult especially if users are allocated more services than needed.

IT departments can be forgiven for only tracking the number of licenses allocated and not recording what is needed from the package.

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This data is not readily available and certainly not easy to interpret. Equally, organisations often invest in more premium licensing plans providing access to advanced features such as litigation or mailbox hold. However, without the tools tracking if these features are active its effectively a waste of money until these features are activated.

Cloud Optics can isolate specific features that users consume including tracking of deployment plans, adoption, trend analysis and granular level user profiling. Each individual business unit’s consumption can be monitored, costed and charged back allowing them as much or as little control as deemed necessary. Each business unit can re-assign licences based upon needing more advanced features or reducing cost by simply lowering the entitlement to a more cost appropriate plan.

Deliverable: Optimised user profiling, adoption, trend analysis, budgeting and chargeback

Outcome: More than 15% savings

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