Our Cloud Cost Optimisation services help organisations improve the cost-effectiveness of their Cloud portfolio. Cloud Optics aligns your cloud application and user needs to the optimal cloud profile.

IaaS/PaaS – Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud

Organisations can be forgiven for not fully navigating the vast choice of cloud platform vendors and build choice from each individual vendor. The art of choosing the optimal design for each workload can only be relevant for as long as the workload doesn’t change, or the vendor releases new services within their catalogue. Realistically, workload demands for cloud applications change hourly and vendors constantly provide new options or price metric changes to their catalogues.


With increased performance today for a lower cost than a month ago it’s inevitable that next month you can expect better performance for a lower price than today. Taking into consideration the changing application needs, vendor promotions, price changes, then add in the new services available with better performance into calculation… suddenly you have achieved a huge management and overspending headache that a huge paracetamol won’t fix!

The good news is our approach is designed to optimise every aspect of your IaaS/PaaS spend. Firstly, each workload can be optimised within the framework of your existing platform including right sized consumption, better price metrics, modernised workloads and then consider if cross-platform migration can yield a significant enough return. Finally, Licensing implications and hybrid use considerations can often be overlooked; Cloud Optics server licensing review provides invaluable insights to choosing migration routes to IaaS or PaaS models.

Deliverable: Absolute transparency, accurate cost allocation, chargeback, predictable expenditure, deep trend analytics

Outcome: Significant cloud cost reductions

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