We introduced you to the inside story of software vendors and how they are single-mindedly working towards one objective “optimising revenue” i.e. making you spend more.

Here at Cloud Optics, we’re experts at dealing with the mathematicians, the artists, the wooers and the wigs in vendor land.

We’re so confident that our no-nonsense approach works that we don’t want you to spend any time reading yet another software licensing whitepaper.  You won’t see us sending you a link to a whitepaper for:

“10 mistakes when negotiating with Microsoft”
“20 questions about Microsoft Audits”
“5 ways to cut spending on SAP/Oracle/IBM”

In fact, we don’t create whitepapers.


We know you’re busy.

  • If a vendor sends in their wigs you need to take action now.
  • If you’re working on a large software renewal, you need to ignore the woo-ers and make your own decisions now.
  • If you want to move to the cloud, you need to investigate your options and have independent help. You don’t have time to navigate the artists.

When we meet over Skype, a conference table or over dinner what should you expect from Cloud Optics?

We’ll explain who’s side we’re on! Yours. We are 100% vendor independent. We don’t get rebates or kick-backs from licensing vendors.

We’ll explain how we put you back in charge of your relationship with the licensing vendors.
HOW do we do this?  We are a “software license consultancy” which could sound like we want you to spend more. In fact, it’s the opposite.  We act as your advocates and advisors. We equip you with the confidence and strategy to reverse the balance of power when you’re engaging with Microsoft, SAP, IBM and Oracle.  Did I slip into marketing speak there? Sorry. Here’s some plain language instead. Licensing is complex, vendors make it hard to navigate unless you live and breathe their licensing programs.  Luckily, at Cloud Optics we know our stuff. We know the gotchas, the loopholes, the black holes and the course to take to protect your business.

We’ll explain the exact process we undertake. I’m not going to tell you all the details here, because that’s our secret sauce. But if you meet with us, we’ll put you under NDA and tell you.
We’ll ask you if you want to work with us. Yes, full disclosure, we will ask you if you’re interested in our services. Why? We know that we save our clients time, money and energy. But more importantly we give you the confidence and the strategy to negotiate with IBM, Microsoft, Oracle & SAP.

We want to navigate you through the complexity of licensing and we can guarantee that we will save you time, money and energy in the process.

If you’d like to talk simply contact me here on LinkedIn.
Now, if I still haven’t convinced you that we can help, in part 3 we’ll share some of our customer successes.

To be continued…

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