When it comes to licensing, here at Cloud Optics we’re experts in giving you the confidence and strategy to reverse the balance of power when working with licensing vendors.
Now here’s the thing about the licensing industry, vendors make it complicated for the reasons I’ve mentioned here. And the vendor that probably needs the award for the most complex licensing agreement is IBM.

  • Since April 2001 IBM has acquired more than 150 businesses, primarily software companies.
  • The IBM Passport Advantage price list has more than 18k part numbers, each available in 9 price levels.
  • There are more than 250 different IBM licensing metrics.
  • The IBM customer (i.e. you) is ultimately responsible for keeping records of usage, regardless of who or how IBM or an IBM Business Partner advised you at purchase.

Whether we like it or not IBM licensing is complex and makes tremendous opportunities for IBM. Namely, revenue optimisation … aka committing you to spend more money!

I could take time here talking about the many ways you could be caught out with IBM licensing. I could start talking about the basic licensing models IBM utilise. I could easily write a glossary of the IBM licensing terms you’d need to learn. I could easily tell you how you probably have IBM software in your estate that you didn’t know was IBM.

But you see that could invoke fear. That’s not what we do here at Cloud Optics. We don’t do fear. We create confidence.

We don’t need you to be experts in complex licensing agreements, that’s our role. What we want you to do is focus on your strategy. Where your business needs to be in 3,5,7 years’ time. Then we’ll work with you to ensure you have the best-fit licensing and contractual vehicle solution for you now and in the future. Not only that we’ll save you money on your IBM licensing agreement.

We’re so committed to saving you money on IBM licensing we’ve put some “skin in the game”. And that skin comes in the form of our latest hire, Ivo Costa. With a 16-year career at IBM working with Enterprise customers on licensing and compliance Ivo is undoubtedly an expert in IBM licensing.
With Ivo on your side, we immediately re-balance the power. He knows the inside track of IBM. He can help clarify the unknowns, and he’s going to ensure you don’t get caught up in them.

So if you want to know how to save money on IBM software licensing, don’t download another whitepaper.

Simply pick up the phone. Chat to Ivo and team today. Ask how we can help you.

Let Ivo surprise and delight you with how our independent advice turns the complex into the manageable with a proven process and knowledge to save you time, money, emotional energy and improve the value of your IBM investment.

PS If the pesky IBM audit team do call you, don’t delay. Call Ivo straight away. He loves a tight deadline and is not afraid of professional sparring with former colleagues on your behalf

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