We are very excited to announce Ian Camino as Managing Director  at Cloud Optics Limited. Ian is a proven leader, in his previous role at Insight he was responsible for License Optimization, Procurement and Software Asset Management (SAM) Services across 11 EMEA countries turning over $15m per annum in Services revenue. He has a remarkable ability to see what’s going on in the market, to sense opportunity, and to execute against his vision in a collaborative way.

In Ian’s own words:

“I am delighted to be joining Cloud Optics, it was an easy decision to take. The time felt absolutely right, especially with the backdrop of all the key changes Tier 1 Vendors are going through such as moving clients across to online subscription models and all the related license metric and programmatic changes that are coming into effect. These are creating new challenges, opportunities and considerations that clients now face and coupled with the maturity of offerings by Amazon , Google etc. the timing is perfect.

In today’s market place there is – in my opinion – a lack of credible independent expertise available that can really help support clients navigate and engage successfully with the Tier 1 vendors when renewing their agreements, exploring technology transition, going through a large audit or wishing to negotiate or exit an agreement with favourable terms. At Cloud Optics there is an incredible opportunity to build on the work that has already begun and create a practice that can scale across the globe delivering best in class outcomes for our clients”

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