Licensing is complex. That’s why the team here at Cloud Optics made our careers simplifying it for our clients.

Yes, full disclosure… we used to sell licenses. At Cloud Optics, we don’t do that!


We like to be challenged. Selling licenses got too easy, you needed to buy some and we found the most cost-efficient way for you to do so.

But, when you’ve been doing that for 20 years it lost its shine. There was no real value-add for our clients. So, what do you do when you wake up and realise that the job that used to fill your soul doesn’t anymore? Buy a 2-seater sports car? Buy a round the world ticket? Nothing as dramatic chez Cloud-Optics. Instead we decided to use our licensing knowledge for good. To put you in charge of your business and to stop you feeling pressurised and outwitted by software vendors. And so, Cloud Optics was born.

Our mission today is to navigate you through the complexity of licensing and we can guarantee that we will save you time, money and energy in the process. We’re like a lighthouse helping you avoid hazardous coastlines so you can navigate to harbour safely.

We did that for John* at ACME* (*names changed to protect privacy). John contacted us because last time he renewed his Microsoft licensing agreement in 2014 it was a hazardous journey! Not that John would ever admit that to his boss or team. No chance.

Why did John feel it was a hazardous journey?

  • Despite years of experience renewing licensing agreements it was getting harder to negotiate savings
  • The mathematicians were becoming more sophisticated with their tactics
  • His team were increasingly stretched due to major hardware & software deployments
  • He didn’t have a 5-7 year forward looking view of the technology requirements of the business and the associated implications for his Microsoft licensing estate
  • He felt that he wasn’t in a position of strength to successfully negotiate the renewal process

John isn’t alone. John did renew his agreement, and made modest savings. The 2014 agreement was like a plaster. It had served its purpose. The bleeding had stopped. But there was a scar.

Fast forward to late 2016 John decided to entirely change the way ACME managed their Microsoft license estate.

He wanted his team to be leading the IT strategy, rather than following the crowd. There were the incessant rumblings about “Cloud strategy”. Of course in those 18 months he hadn’t heard from Microsoft, other than the occasional invitation to a webinar or an email to download a white paper or a call from one of the woo-ers.

John knew without a doubt that for 2017 he needed to deliver unprecedented savings on his Microsoft software renewal. He also wanted to create a blueprint to enable him to lead all other software negotiations for ACME. He wanted to be in control of the outcome.

So, John did the sensible thing. He called us. We met. He hired us.


Because we promised to put John in charge with Microsoft. It worked. The 2017 renewal has been a breeze.

First, we got back to basics. We had a mutual NDA, so that we could truly understand ACME’s strategic priorities, budgets and key stakeholders.

Then we assigned dedicated Cloud Optics resources to manage the software license consultancy (SLC) process and became embedded in John’s team.

Finally, we helped John create a negotiation position with Microsoft that put ACME in charge of the renewal.

The result?

  • John secured ACME the highest discount they had ever received on their Microsoft renewal
  • He has a rock-solid licensing position with Microsoft that will see ACME migrate to Office 365 by 2018
  • ACME have a process which is now being used with Oracle, for when John got “that” call
  • You know, the one from the “wigs”
  • ACME signed their licensing renewal early, before the Microsoft end of year madness later this month

If you want to be in a position of strength when dealing with Microsoft, IBM, Oracle or SAP. Call me. We haven’t just helped ACME, we’ve also helped financial services companies, consulting companies and have a roster of case studies of companies we have helped.

In fact, a Senior Manager in Global Procurement at a consulting company rated our licensing consulting services so highly they said they would: “recommend Cloud Optics to any customer that is looking to obtain both strategic as well as tactical guidance to optimise their licensing agreements”. But don’t take our word for it!

When you connect with Cloud Optics we connect you with our clients. You can take their word for it.

Here’s to a future where you’re negotiating from a position of strength. Irrespective of the tactics vendors use, you can and will win when you’ve got Cloud Optics shining a light on how to navigate a successful outcome for your licensing renewals.

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