Early this November IBM emailed its Passport Advantage Agreement, 2018 Edition (Z125-5831-10) which kicked off the written notification clock and terms coming into effect on the 1st of Feb 2018.

Some  of the key updates are around aligning their rebranding, such as IBM “Cloud Service”, but there are others that could be seen as slightly more sinister ; which if you are not prepared, may not  provide the platform for such a happy new year.

“New terms have been added that provide for a suspension of Sub-Capacity eligibility in certain situations.” The good news – There are significant benefits to IBM Sub Capacity licensing and value for being able to track actual software usage which is a fraction of the commercial charge for Full physical servers. But there is complexity and different reporting approaches that will need to be applied to fully capitalise on these changes.

Whatever you do, please read the document. If you have no concerns with the proposed terms then you don’t need to do anything, but if you would like to understand how they relate to your specific needs please feel free to reach out to me.


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