Most government cost reduction projects may not deliver in doing more for less.  To produce a significant commercial impact and still maintain technology growth, government projects should leverage expertise to support with identifying actual usage, requirements, unlock broader contracting experience and harness these data insights to empower the next contract negotiation. 

Due to the nature of Government software Frameworks that mega-vendors may have in place, this can reduce the awareness of negotiating for specific, customer aligned solutions which may generate better savings. As such, not rarely do government specialist consultants have specialist knowledge only linked to their specific sector. Cloud Optics awareness across a multi-vertical, multi-sized client base, can provide insights into unlocking additional savings and optimised solutions right-sized to the client.

Throughout 2019, Cloud Optics has seen an increase in demand from government across all our vendor practises due to our results in delivering savings and demonstrable value to Government clients. A recent Microsoft engagement concluded with a savings estimate of ~£55m over 3 years, equating to a potential >50% commercial impact. Whilst not all clients will achieve this level of impact, it is fair to expect a significant return of investment as well as external validation that your next mega-vendor contract only includes the technology required at a price point which is fair and best in class.

Our consultants – with first-hand experience of working for the mega-vendors – really understand how to share data and findings with finance and procurement teams in way that is not blurred with the complexity of licensing. Breaking down the reasons for spending into concise product focus categories, has allowed our government customer to make faster, informed decisions but equally share the explanation using our graphs and diagrams to Cabinet or Ministerial approvers in a concise digestible format.

Cloud Optics has the expertise to help reduce and manage your mega vendor spend with government specific expertise in Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, SAP, SalesForce and also AWS/Azure IaaS portfolios.

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