Making Cloud Licensing Stack Up!

Moving from a Perpetual Licensing Model to a Cloud based Subscription Model can be challenging whilst having to run both services concurrently and where the business case for Cloud has been built on delivering Opex and Capex savings.

The capital investment in the perpetual licensing model can be difficult to reconcile, given that most vendors are either asking this license to be maintained or disregarded as you move to a Cloud Service. What should you do with the outgoing assets?

We also support many second-generation Cloud clients who as a result of their advanced experiences their needs and priorities have now changed. They wish to have less prohibitive “ vendor lock-in” contracts – allowing greater flexibility to move across vendors. Adoption has fallen short of their expectations. Cloud SKU’s or bundles are constantly changing and are no longer fit for purpose. Facing the prospect that discounts that they previously enjoyed are no longer on offer etc.

We support many ‘2nd Generation Cloud’ clients who as a result of their advanced experiences with cloud have new needs and priorities. They typically desire less prohibitive contracts that enable greater flexibility between vendors or a mix of vendors and reduce “vendor lock-in”, or, they may not have been offered the same level of discount they originally enjoyed when the first contract was created. Other services are designed to improve deployment strategy and ensure the Cloud SKU’s or bundles to be purchased are not only fit for purpose but meet a business need.

At Cloud Optics we have helped a number of large global customers overcome these challenges to support the business case and deliver a strong ROI.

Using our experience in this area we help you understand how to negotiate a Licensing Model that works commercially and contractually for you.

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