Cloud Cost Consumption Management Service

Our aim is to help the organisations we work with achieve Operational Excellence and embrace the wealth of benefits and features Cloud Technology brings to the world with Confidence, Clarity & Control.
Being able to view what cloud services you have, how they are consumed within your business and how to measure the effectiveness of your cloud estate is crucial. Cloud Optics ensure you can manage your cloud stack and provision future cloud demands in a number of ways.

Areas of focus and deliverables:

  • Simplified Cloud Administration & License Assignment
  • Cloud Consumption Assessment and Profile Optimisation
  • Valuable reporting & Analysis
  • Future Trend Analysis
  • Cost Optimisation
  • Accurate inter-company cost assignment
  • Adoption Planning
  • Compliance, Audit readiness Regulation
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To satisfy the growing demand for better cost control and user governance around cloud investments, Cloud Optics helps clients achieve 360-degree visibility of all aspects of their cloud environments and the associated costs.

Our Cost Consumption Management Services are designed to simplify license and user management and provide ongoing compliance with streamlined cost forecasting.

To control cost we focus deeply on the cloud consumption of your business units and individual user groups which enables us to help build an accurate Bill of Materials to meet your true business needs.

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