Audit Defence

Audits are on the increase – fact.  For some  Tier 1 software vendors audits can contribute > 30%  of their annual revenue. If you haven’t been audited yet, you’re probably on the radar.

Audits can be hugely time-consuming, difficult to manage, costly and for the time being are almost inevitable.  Our Audit Defence service rebalances the shift of power to put you in a position of strength.

Firstly, our Audit Defence service gives you a clear understanding of your current license position and potential exposure including a risk and mitigation assessment. We will do this via data gathering and overall validation whilst at all times helping you manage the audit.

Secondly, we will help you minimise this exposure based on experience. Understanding what the key vendors are looking for coupled with the awareness of the common mistakes and assumptions that they make. With this deep understanding of the vendors and their key motivators, we are able to effectively mitigate your exposure.

Ultimately, throughout this process, we will help you communicate with the vendor to ensure you meet the requirements set out for the audit whilst making sure any exposure is minimised.

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