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License Advisory Services

  • Delivers Optimal Licensing Solution
  • Delivers Optimal Commercial Solution
  • Delivers Optimal Contractual Solution
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Negotiation and Benchmarking Support

  • Negotiation Strategies and Support
  • License Cost Optimisation and Modelling
  • Contractual Benchmarking
  • Commercial Benchmarking
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Billing Optimisation

  • With Holding Tax and Double Taxation Guidance
  • Currency Fluctuation Mitigation
  • Management and Reporting of License Allocation and cost redistribution
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Continuous Software License Consulting

  • Deployment to Plan Analysis
  • Entitlement Change Analysis
  • Cloud Adoption Tracking
  • Contract Lifecycle Management and Support
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Cloud License Consulting

  • Licensing Options & Best Practice
  • Concessions & Amendments Review
  • Commercial Options
  • Contractual Options
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Audit Defence

  • License Position & Risk analysis
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Managing Audit
  • Requirement assessment

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