Cloud Optics hires Reena Gupta

We are delighted to welcome Reena Gupta to the Cloud Optics team. After a 16-year career with Microsoft, Reena joins the team as Senior Licensing Advisory Consultant. During her career at Microsoft Reena was responsible for helping Enterprise customers navigate licensing complexity and in 2017 closed an $70million global licensing agreement for a telecommunication business

Happily Ever After…

Licensing is complex. That’s why the team here at Cloud Optics made our careers simplifying it for our clients. Yes, full disclosure… we used to sell licenses. At Cloud Optics, we don’t do that! Why? We like to be challenged. Selling licenses got too easy, you needed to buy some and we found the most

We Say No To Software Licensing Whitepapers

We introduced you to the inside story of software vendors and how they are single-mindedly working towards one objective “optimising revenue” i.e. making you spend more. Here at Cloud Optics, we’re experts at dealing with the mathematicians, the artists, the wooers and the wigs in vendor land. We’re so confident that our no-nonsense approach works

The Mathematicians are in charge

Part I: The Vendors When you think of software within your organisation you’d be forgiven for thinking that software vendors sole agenda is to empower your people or help your business to realise its full potential. It’s great marketing speak, isn’t it? In truth that’s what it is. Let’s not forget that software vendors are

Ben Cook joining Cloud Optics as Partner Manager

We’re happy to introduce Ben Cook as our new Cloud Optics Partner Manager. Ben is responsible for leading Cloud Optics partner organisation, managing partner relationships and related partner activities. He reports directly into our Managing Director, Ian Camino. Ben brings more than 10 years of experience in relationship management to Cloud Optics. He was most

Is Microsoft Licensing becoming easier to follow?

Having worked at Microsoft in Licensing over 8 years I have seen customers and partners as well as Microsoft employees longing for licensing simplification. When other vendors seemingly managed to attract customers with a simple message, easy to understand product line-ups and pricing, Microsoft sales people (including myself) often struggled with the almost impossible task