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Savings Delivered


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Tax Savings Delivered


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Seats Negotiated

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Total Savings Delivered

What our Clients say…

Global Telecoms Company

150k Seats

“Cloud Optics have the ability to quickly assess and understand complex situations and requirements, coupled with their ability to clearly communicate at all levels, we would highly recommend them to any company. We strongly believe they are a strong asset to any company looking for Software Licensing Advisory Services and Negotiation Support…”

Big Four Accounting Firm

190k Seats

“Cloud Optics have led two consulting engagements, both very high profile and large dollar value. To both engagements Cloud Optics have delivered significant value. We would recommend Cloud Optics to any customer that is looking to obtain both strategic as well as tactical guidance in order to optimise their licensing agreements…”

Leading Global Bank

300k Seats

“Cloud Optics have led a Global deal with one of our main Software vendors. They provided exceptional leadership with strategic technical and financial solutions to maximize profits while decreasing operational expenses. They have managed to generate significant savings on taxes and exchange rates. We would highly recommend Cloud Optics…”

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Why Cloud Optics?

Cloud Optics is a team of highly experienced and skilled Software License Consultants that deliver a range of Software License Advisory Services across Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and SAP.

Using a unique underpinning methodology we advise, develop and implement solutions to improve and optimise your software license position from a contractual and commercial perspective. Our solutions drive measurable and tangible results for you, whilst always meeting responsibly your short and long term technology requirements.

Our consultants are recognised as some of the most experienced and skilled in the world having provided services to Fortune 500 global clients regularly and having worked on some the largest, complex and sophisticated software license negotiation’s in the world.

Our leadership team grew the world’s largest software license, consulting and reselling business through 2002 to 2016 and set up Cloud Optics to create a totally impartial consulting business. We are an independent consulting group that acts solely in the interest and benefit of you.  We are 100% vendor independent.

Cloud Optics consultants clearly and comprehensively understand the complex mechanics of how the vendors operate and use our know-how and experience to ensure you reap the full benefit in complex commercial contractual negotiations.

Additionally, as an extension of your team we appreciate and are adept in working in complex organisations; whether this complexity is also due to the multi-stakeholder nature of the environment, varying technology requirements and or political and Geo nuances. We are able to navigate, calibrate messaging, bring together and lead when required, whilst at all times guiding client teams to the common goal and successful outcome of project/s.

Our USPs are impartiality, coupled with best industry expertise and a unique methodology that works across Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and SAP.  We do not sell product and therefore have no vendor relationships to preserve.

We typically operate in the large enterprise space and service our clients primarily from EMEA and USA.